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Comfortable living, Sustainable future

Our aim is to realize a world in which people can lead comfortable lives while sustaining the environment.

The following original experiences were behind our vision.


The development and progress toward comfortable living has unfortunately come at the cost of environmental impact…

Our president, Hamamura, has had the opportunity to visit all parts of Asia, including China, Southeast Asia, and India, as well as Europe and the United States. Asia, in particular, has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. The situation has changed from no cell phone service and unpaved roads being the norm to Internet being available everywhere, paved roads and highways, and air conditioning in office buildings. This change has made staying in any area very convenient and comfortable, and business has been able to expand in a way that benefits from this development and mass production/consumption.


On the other hand, we have also witnessed mountains and forests being cleared away.

On the bumpy, unpaved roads in the jungle that used to take six hours each way to get to our clients, sometimes wild orangutans and porcupines could be seen. However those places have now been carved out and turned into airports.

When a business partner told Hamamura with a happy smile, "You can come here by a 30-minute flight next time." Hamamura was delighted at the convenience. But on the other hand, he was shocked and had very mixed feelings about the fact that the jungle, where wild animals used to live, had been cleared for miles and miles.


There are coal mines in Europe where the topsoil has been scraped away as far as the eye can see. In these countries, they have a decades-long plan to change the area to be developed, and the land that has been backfilled will also be systematically arranged with wooded areas.

Hamamura used to believe that people's comfortable lifestyle puts a strain on the environment, which is something that cannot be helped. He used to think, "Environmental protection is about not developing a passive attitude, not about taking active action. In order to earn our daily bread, we need to benefit from the consumption caused by such development, and there is nothing we can do about it. The desire for convenience and a better life than we have now is present in many people and cannot be stopped. We cannot go back to a life without air conditioning or automobiles..." However, as he heard more and more news about abnormal weather, he wondered what kind of world we could leave to our children, the next generation, and decided to do work that would actively contribute to environmental protection.

We use air conditioners and automobiles, and we believe it is difficult to eliminate these sources of energy in a practical way. However, we believe that we can contribute to environmental protection, even if only indirectly, by making renewable energy account for as large a proportion of the energy we consume as possible. That is how we started our business of providing wind power generation solutions.


Our contribution may be very small, but we hope to help leave a beautiful world for the next generation.

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