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Wind turbine tower inspection service using drone begins

We will launch Drone based Wind turbine tower inspection service. This technology is developed by Cornis SAS in France, which provides the blade AI inspection service “Panoblade”. We have been offering this service for years and it has been highly rated.

Wind turbine tower is photographed using a high-definition camera mounted on a drone, and the image is transmitted to the AI. We will use it for analysis.

The images taken of the tower and the analysis results of the images can be centrally managed on the same web platform as the blade AI inspection service “Panoblade,” which we are already providing.

We aim to make wind turbine inspections even smarter by providing a one-stop service for not only blade inspections but also tower inspections.

For inquiries regarding the use of wind turbine tower inspection services or demonstrations, please contact us below.

Email :

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